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Good Adhesion Tile Grout Sealer Odorless and Zero Formaldehyde Own brand and factory

Good Adhesion Tile Grout Sealer Odorless and Zero Formaldehyde Own brand and factory

  • Good Adhesion Tile Grout Sealer Odorless and Zero Formaldehyde Own brand and factory
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: PERFLEX
Certification: CE | RoHS | GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015
Model Number: PW-800
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: Plastic Box | Paper Box/pieces
Supply Ability: 20million pieces / year
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Polyaspartic Resin Polymer + High-grade Pigments And Special Additives Classification: Two Component Polyaspartic
Other Names: Tile Sealer | Tile& Grout Sealer | Tile Sealant Color: Ultra Clear
Shelf Life: 12months Packing: 1 KG
Feature: Anti-mildew | Stain Resistance | Waterproof | Durable | Easy To Clean | Easy Grouting Keywords: Epoxy Tile Grout | Epoxy Grout | Ready To Go Grout | Tile Sealant

TILE GROUT SEALER PW-800 | Waterproof | Ultra Clear | Anti-slip |




In recent years, with the decline of the number of houses built in the world and the gradual improvement of infrastructure construction, The demand for green and high-performance waterproof materials in home waterproof and leakage repair market is increasing day by day. In the field of home decoration waterproof and repair, waterproof coating is the most widely used waterproof material. In the later maintenance of kitchen, toilet and other parts, the traditional waterproof coating needs to destroy the original surface and repair the waterproof layer under the ceramic tile, which involves a large project and a long construction period. In response to the market demand, PERFELX developed an ultra clear waterproof sealer based on POLYASASPARTIC TECHNOLOGY.




■ Anti-slip

■ Ultra clear, improve the gloss of the old tile

■ Eco-friendly, odorless, zero formaldehyde

■ Good adhesion to tiles

■ Excellent impact resistance and elongation at break

■ Simple construction and quick drying


Because of its environmental protection, easy construction, excellent wear resistance, skid resistance and excellent weather resistance. Compared with the traditional way of waterproof and leakage of home decoration, it can provide the solution of "no destroy ceramic tile". Directly brushing can be used as waterproof protective film to solve the problem of leakage. It not only saves time and improves construction efficiency, but also saves labor and reduces project cost.

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Item Technical Data
Solid content by weight ≥100 %(Part A and Part B mixed)
Tensile strength(MPa) 10MPa (400-600um)
Break elongation(%) ≥100%
Tear strength(kN/m) ≥60
hardness(Shore A) ≥70
Adhesion to primer(MPa) ≥10MPa
Abrasion resistance(750g/500r)/ug ≤20
Salt resistance 240h(3%NaCl) Perfect film, no bubble
Alkali resistance 240h(5%NaOH solution) Perfect film, no bubble
Acid resistance 240h(5%H2SO4) Perfect film, no bubble
Waterproof property 30 days(25℃) Perfect film, no bubble




Item Technical Data
Color Clear transparent (color can be formulated)
Flash point 103℃
Viscosity 200-500CPS(25℃,Part A and Part B mixed)
Density 1.05g±0.02g/cm3
Gloss High gloss
Coating Film thickness Flat dry film:200-300 um Wet film:190-280μm
Facade dry film:100-150 um Wet film:95-140μm
Theoretical Value 9.1 sq.m/Kg/100μm
Actual value related to various factors such as external environment, construction methor, etc.


Constraction Conditions:



Ambient Temperature: 5 ℃-30 ℃, 75% ≥ Ambient humidity

Substarate Temperature: must be greater than 3℃ above the air dew point temperature

Construction Method: brush coating, roller coating or scraping (flat)

Cleaning Agent: Polyurea Standard thinner

Drying Time:


Temperature (℃) 5 10 20 30
Finger touch drying (hrs) 3 2.5 2 1.5
Finger pressure drying (hrs) 12 10 7 6


The above data is for guidance only. The actual drting time can be long or short, depending on the thickness of the

paint film, ventilation conditions, ambient temperature, etc.


Construction Parameters:


Use Ratio:

Brush/roller: Main agent: curing agent = 1:1 (weight ratio, be sure to stir evenly when using)

Temperature (℃) 5 10 20 25
Mixed Use Period (min) 40-50 30-40 20-30 15-20




Storage Time: Paint: 1 years

Curing agent: 1 year

Storage temperature: 0℃-30℃

Packing Specification: Paint: 0.5Kg

Curing agent: 0.5Kg



Good Adhesion Tile Grout Sealer Odorless and Zero Formaldehyde Own brand and factory 2 Good Adhesion Tile Grout Sealer Odorless and Zero Formaldehyde Own brand and factory 3





Perflex customer service team has rich application experience offering customer professional suggestion of the color choose, dosage, guides customers how to operate Perflex innovated tile grout , tile grout sealer and functional coatings, especially provide satisfied after-sales service to customers, they always organise training webinar online or in our distributor site, collect users feedback and transfer to R&D. Perflex marketing team works closely with the trend of the market, they build Perflex brand and maintain all social mediea to expand the popularity of Perflex brand.

Perflex international service department has 6 overseas sales, two of them are chemical bachelor degree, and four of them are international trade bachelor degree, all of them have been engaged in chemical industry for more than 2 years. They set up Perflex global distribution system, guide distributors exploring their market and manage the healthy development of the global market.

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Advertising Support


1- PERFLEX has professional marketing team to take responsibility for the creating&maintaining website for our distributors,meanwile the advertising articles are continuously published on relevant social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Insgram,Youtube to guide ender customers to expand the popularity of PERFLEX valuable products and brand.

2- Various promotionl activities and trainings are held from time to time online to promote the PERFLEX valuable products and brand by video, article or online live.

3- Marketing videos like application, project, testing, operation, cusotmer feedback etc will being launched monthly, this helps

distributors attract more comsumers know PERFLEX products and brand.


Strong Market Support


1- Along with PERFLEX R&D technology reasearch and innovation, PERFLEX will continue to develop and launch new high value products, distributors will have absolute advantage in the market.

2- Free advertising materials (catalogues, posters, poster display, advertisement T-shirt), all these materials will be shipped together with your orders. This help Distributors save the advertisement cost and achive more efficient advertisement.

3- PERFLEX will attend relative exhibition show worldwide to help distributors expand PERFLEX product promotion, or PERFLEX will attend the exhibition show or marketing activity that held by distributors to asist them expand business.

4- PERFLEX will provide certain quantity tools kit for free attached with certain quantity orders. Distirbutors will abtain certain annual discount if purchase quantity reach certain amount.

5- PERFLEX will provide free professional online training and guidance for distributors, or our engineer will travel to distributors city hold training or we invite distributors study in China.


Strict Market Protection Terms & Conditions Support


1- The cooperation agreement will be signed between PERFLEX and distributors, prohibit cross-regional operations and the dumping of goods, our regional manager will supervise and manage market acitivity continuesly. Therefore, the benefits of distributors and ender consumers are strictly guaranteed, distributors can get rid of vicious competition and benefit well from our cooperation.2- PERFLEX will transfer all customers to our distributors in their region, include online customers through PERFLEX online shop:


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